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Small gardening tool set, powerfull. hard, carbon steel, bend proof, break proof, 3 piece
Stainless Steel Gardening Tool Set trowel, gardnen fork for cute garden.
Small Indoor Cute Gardening Tool Set  3-piece
Gardening Trowel, fork, cultivator set, best gardening hand trowel
High quality gardning trowel, fork, cultivator for small garden & house garden, garden pots
Heavy duty stainless steel carbon steel trowel, cheap price in India, Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab, Pune
combo 3 piece  gardening set for indoor garden, gardening fork & cultivator
Heavy Duty Garden Cultivator, tiler with wooden handles in New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Haryana, Gurgaon

Gardening Tool Combo Set | Hand Cultivator, Small Trowel & Garden Fork |

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 Great Addition to every Gardener's Tool Collection

Combo of 3, Perfect Tool Set for all your Gardening Needs. Easy to Use, Light Weight Rust Free Coated Metal Parts.

  • High Grade Tough Wooden Handle
  • Bend Proof, Break Proof
  • Heavy Duty Rust Proof Carbon Steel
  • Tough & Versatile Products, Highly Durable
  • Light weight


HAND CULTIVATOR: 3 peice gardening tool set for home garden or indoor garden Hand Cultivators are a must-have Hand Tool for Every Gardener.
  • Removes Weed & Loosens Soil to improve the Retention and Penetration of Air, Water and Nutrients especially to their Roots.
  • Can also be used like a small plow to dig the planting rows for your indoor garden.

TROWEL: Small Fork Cultivator trowel for your home garden Trowel is an essential tool that no gardener can afford to be without, but not all spades are the same. Opt for Classykart's High Quality Mini Trowel
Ideal for:-
  • Digging Small Holes,
  • Transplanting Seedlings,
  • Planting Bulbs/Plants and Performing Similar Tasks

    GARDEN DIGGING FORK: Cheap gardening tool set for your home For General-Purpose Digging and Breaking Tough Ground. Forged from Hardened and Tempered High Carbon Steel to Ensure Maximum Strength and Toughness.
    Ergonomically-designed handle provides better grip at neutral position and reduce wrist and hand strain,
    Helps in Loosening & Smoothening Packed Soil

  • Ideal for: Digging, Loosening or Aerating Plant Soil

  • PS: The Perfect Gift for any Gardener!

    Package Dimensions: 14 x 12 x 4 cm

    Weight: 350 Grams

    Color: Black Metal Parts with Wooden Handles

    Package Contents: 1 Cultivator, 1 Trowel, 1 Fork

    Material: Carbon Steel & Wooden Handles 

    Cultivator: Scratching, digging, aerating and loosening soil in preparing for planting flowers and vegetables

    Trowel: Trowel allows you to easily get plant depth, so you don’t have to worry about injuring the roots of your plants.
    Fork: Increases the weeding efficiency and makes the gardening process easier. Suitable for loosening soil, cleaning particular area etc.

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