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Gardening Genie Gloves with Claws on right hand
Latex Gardening Genie Gloves with Claws on right hand
Waterproof Garden Genie Gloves for Finger & Fingertip protection
Gardening Gloves with Claws on right hand
Long Sleeves Waterproof Gloves for gardening
Gardening Gloves with metal claws for men & women
Gardening gloves Genie at wholesale price
Best Gardening Genie Gloves for all ages stretchable India
Gardening Genie Gloves with claws on one hand for digging, planting, trowel, fork

Garden Genie Gloves with Claws for Digging & Planting

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Love Gardening but not Dirt?? We have a Solution...

Prevent Damaging of your Nails & Fingers. Gardening Gloves made up of Breathable Material that Protects your Hands from Sweat and Dirt. Make your Gardening Work Easy & Effortless.


Puncture resistant best gardening genie gloves with claws
MULTIPURPOSE: DIGGING  - PLANTING - RAKING : These Garden Gloves with Built-in Claws on one hand and plain gloves on the other allows you to Dig, Plant and Rake without any additional tools. Rose pruning is now totally safe (Bonus Points)

PROTECTS FINGERS: The Puncture Proof Material allows Complete Protection to your fingers and fingernails  from dirt, scratches, and thorns while conducting various tough tasks in your garden. Also, protects them from thorns.
FLEXIBLE: The material is flexible and fits everyone's hand easily. This one fits on to anyone be it Male or Female, Kid or Adult.

Best Gardening Genie Gloves multipurpose

WATERPROOF: The latex material used on the inside is Waterproof which means you can easily keep your hands dry after long hours at the garden. Unlike Cotton Gloves, which get soaked and stay Wet, Classykart's Latex Coating Gloves also keeps your hands dry & prevents it from Dampening. 
DURABLE: The inside of the material is strong which is durable for hard jobs in the garden
NO TOOLS NEEDED: The Built-in Claws replaces the need to carry any hand tools for Raking, Digging or Planting
BREATHABLE MATERIAL: The back of the hand below the knuckle has a breathable stretchy material that allows your hands to remain fresh all the time.

Ideal for: All Gardening Activities.Period.

PS: This is the BAAP of all your gardening tools

Package Dimensions: 15 x 5 x 2 cm

Weight: 150 g

Color: Green + Black

Package Contents: 1 Pair Gardening Gloves (1 Hand with 4 Claws & 1 without Claws)

Gender: Unisex

Material: ABS + Latex

Size: Free Size

Usage: Wear Gloves in your Hands & use the Gloves with Claws for Digging, Loosening  Hard Soil or even pruning & the glove without claws for Holding & placing plants as per desired location.

Cleaning: Use regular Tap water to get rid of any dirt on the gloves. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight for long duration 

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