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Automatic electric portable wireless water pump dispenser gallon drinking for 20 liter water bottle bottle with silicone switch ABS plastic body
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Portable Automatic Wireless Water Dispenser Pump for 20 Litre Bottle Can

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Are you still lifting those Water Cans upside down?? You Heavy Weight Champion!!! Now you don't have to...

automatic portable water dispenser for 20 liter ltr water can galon with waterproof silicon
INNOVATIVE:  The BPA Free, automatic portable wireless water dispenser comes with a waterproof silicon capped button Offers one button operation for easy discharge of water just press one button, immediately water, convenient and quick.

DISPENSE WATER WITH EASE: The calmest and most effective method of dispensing water out of those hefty 20L Water Cans or Bottles. This dispenser is a suitable solution to pump drinking water from the 20 liter water can. No more heavy lifting water cans and also get rid of manual pumping. Simply attach the wireless water dispenser and dispense water from the can with ease. Dispense water solely with the push of a button. OMG, That's so coooooool!!!!!!

PORTABLE: Miniature and stylish design, can be carried anywhere at any time, light and easy. Carry it to along with you anywhere like Home, Office, Picnic, Outdoor Activity, Camping Site etc. This ergonomically designed water dispenser pump has a really compact and sturdy wireless ABS body, which moreover makes it portable.

Best portable automatic portable water dispenser in India for 20 liter ltr water can
EASY INSTALLATION: The installation process is extremely simple with solely plug-play operation. Just attach it to the mouth of the barrel and you are good to go. Dispense water all-day long using this dispenser pump out of the water cans or even bottles which have the standard 55mm opening.

SAFE & SUPERIOR BUILT QUALITY: BPA free material has been used for water dispenser. Food Grade Silicon Hose Tube is developed exclusively for longer usage. Crafted out of High density ABS plastic for utmost durability.  Stainless Steel ensures no Toxic materials & no smell. Even the one touch button on the top is covered with Silicon for your Safety. DC adapter is safe to use and consumes negligible electricity.  It is cold resistant, high temperature resistance.

RECHARGEABLE:  1200mAh battery can used for 10-15 days or around 4-6 bottles of 20ltr water bottles once full charged. Rechargeable lithium battery ensures dispensing even during Power cut. Charge battery for 1hour before first use

Ideal For: Dispensing Water anywhere like Home, Office, School, Factory or Hospital etc.,

PS: This is a great Show-off gadget to get limelight of the group during gettogethers.

Package Dimensions: 14 cm X 10 cm X 10 cm

Weight:  300 Grams

Battery: 1200 mAH

Color: white, black

Package Contents: 1 x Main Engine, 1 x Outlet Pipe, 1 x Inlet Pipe, 1 x Charging Cable, 1 x User Manual

Charging Time: 3-4 Hours

Material: Food-Grade Silicone, 304 Stainless Steel,

Installation: Please charge the portable automatic water dispenser before use. Fit in the steel pipe towards the outer surface(in the front) of the portable electric water dispenser & the plastic pipe at the bottom of the electric water dispenser. Place the water dispenser at the top of the 20 liter water can filled with water with the plastic pipe submerged in water. Now press the button at the top of the dispenser to start dispensing.

Usage: Be ready with a glass or any container & just tap the button at the top of dispenser to start dispensing water.

Important Note: Please dispense only that amount of water which you need & avoid wastage of water. Jal hi Jeevan hai

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